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About Us
Our Corps was founded in 1973.  In that time, 2912 has been recognized as one of the strongest units in Ontario, as is evident by our winning the Lord Strathcona Shield for top unit in Northern Ontario on 17 occaisions, and our winning the Colonel John H.C. Clarry trophy for most effective Army Cadet Corps in all of Canada on five seperate occaisions.  What's more, we have a strong tradition of hard work, dedication, and excellence.  UNIFORMS AND TRAINING ARE PROVIDED FREE OF CHARGE!
Membership Requirements
 To be a cadet, the applicant must:
- be a legal resident of Canada; NOTE: A legal resident of Canada is a Canadian citizen, a landed immigrant, or, the dependant of a person who is lawfully resident in Canada on a temporary basis for the purpose of education or employment.
- provide proof of provincial health insurance coverage or equivalent;
- be at least 12 years of age;
- not have attained 19 years of age;
- normally be in good physical condition;
- not belong to another corps or squadron; and
- be acceptable to the Commanding Officer (CO) of the cadet corps or squadron.
What Do Cadets Do?

There are many opportunities for cadets. Some are optional, and all are fully funded (meaning you don't have to pay!)

See for yourself!
Through the eyes of our cadets
This video was filmed and edited by Master Corporal T. Stiller, and provides only an example of his experiences with our Corps, at our Spring 2015 exercise...
  1. Biathlon
    Learn an Olympic sport! Biathlon mixes cross-country skiing and marksmanship, with opportunities to compete at various level
  2. Band
    Our award-winning Fife and Drum band has won at the Area and Provincial level competitions on many occasions. Instruments and training are provided.
  3. Drill Teams
    Drill Teams
    Our provincial award winning drill team with and without arms teach drill, teamwork, and dedication. Learn to march and move as a cohesive team.
  4. Orienteering
    Learn to navigate using a map and a compass, and compete against others for speed and accuracy.
  1. Winter Survival
    Winter Survival
    Living in Northern Ontario creates a unique set of challenges. Bring that to a whole new level with Winter Survival training, with trained and experienced instructors.
  2. Summer Camps
    Summer Camps
    2,3, and 6 week camps, where you not only go to learn for free, but get PAID as well.
  3. Advanced Training
    Advanced Training
    Advanced courses, international exchanges, and opportunities to participate in training that many people can only dream of...
  4. Field Training
    Field Training
    2912 conducts a minimum of three field exercises per training year, where we bring camping and survival instruction together with a challenging, fun, and social environment.
  1. Expedition Training
    Expedition Training
    Hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, and many other challenging opportunities for our youth, including regional and international travel. All training is completed under the supervision of trained professionals
  2. Marksmanship
    Earn shooting badges that can be worn on your uniform. We fire air rifles at area competitions, and opportunities for small bore rifle training and advanced training exist for our senior cadets.
  3. Fitness Traning
    Fitness Traning
    Fitness is one of the main goals of the Canadian Cadet Movement. We regularly challenge our cadets with sport competitions, physical fitness training, and opportunities for fitness testing and badges.
  4. Remembrance
    Our relationship with our Local Army Reserve Regiment and the Department of National Defence, as well as the Royal Canadian Legion make Remembrance, tradition, and history a big part of who we are.
  1. Leadership
    Our cadets learn to be leaders, not only within our Corps, but also within their schools and communities. We provide youth with intense leadership training that they can apply in real life situations.
  2. Community Service
    Community Service
    Ontario Secondary School Diplomas are issued with the completion of 40 community service hours. Our cadets, through our involvement with a multitude of agencies regularly attain hundreds of community service hours each year.
  3. Teamwork / Family
    Teamwork / Family
    Our family continues to grow. Alumni who have gone on to serve their communities as leaders still participate in annual events. To many, this Corps represents the foundation of lifelong friendships and opportunities.
  4. and MUCH MORE...
    and MUCH MORE...
    Travel, community work, opportunities. 2912 works to provide unique experiences, that keep youth humble, working hard, and driving towards success. COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!

Cadets are not obligated to stay in.  What are you waiting for?

Come to the Sudbury Armoury on Wednesday nights between September and June.
See what opportunities exist for you!
333 Riverside Drive (Sudbury Armoury)
or CALL US 705-674-2769